Best Web Hosting That Help You Grow Your Business

Best Web Hosting That Help You Grow Your Business
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Good evening, afternoon or morning for everyone. The service I’m going to review got its start in 1997 at a college dormitory. A group of four technology-loving friends came together to create open source technology that would help people and business owners better connect to the web.

Service left the dorm room and offices in San Diego today. Now it serves over 400,000 clients across 1.5 million sites. It’s great open source software, great customer service and flexible, reliable solutions.
What’s in the package? Hosting plans
Service offers a range of hosting plans to serve everything from individual blogs to complex, high-traffic corporate sites.
All hosting plans come with a customizable automatic installer, automated malware monitoring and remediation, CloudFlare integration, and a 100% uptime guarantee. Yes – service guarantees 100% uptime of its UOs. We’ll cover that later, but first let’s take a look at the hosting plan.

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