How To Secure Your Website – Do These 3 things RIGHT NOW!

✅In this tutorial I’ll show you how to prevent your website from being hacked.
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Securing your website is an essential part of your site development process. Most providers include some security features when you buy their hosting plan. However, that’s enough to ensure your website safety. So today I’ll show you the most essential steps you need to take to make sure your website is secure.

Time Table

0:00 Intro
0:27 Instalation
1:07 Scan for malware
1:38 Anti-bot system
2:05 Web Application Firewall
2:18 Statistics and extra features
2:53 Extra safety tips
3:50 How secure will your website be?

🧨Tutorial steps:
1. Install WordFence plugin using your wordpress dashboard.
2. Scan your website for malware and other potential threats.
3. Change brute force settings to block any bots from accessing your website.
4. Enable Web application firewall

🧨Basic tips:

1. Pick a reputable web hosting provider (Siteground and Hostinger is a great choice)
2. Update your plugins and WordPress itself.
3. Use SSL certificate.

Following these practices your website should now be way more secure. Of course the security aspect will never be perfect, even the biggest sites with the best protection get hacked. But by following the basic security steps and always being aware of your website security will definitely decrease the chances of you getting hacked. Stay safe!

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Performance results for Hostinger shared hosting plan:

Pingdom Uptime Monitor : 1 month result – 100% uptime, 0 minutes downtime

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Is Hostinger actually good?

Hostinger has genuinely affordable hosting, it offers great performance, as well as a decent package of features that come with it. Hostinger will have everything you need for simpler projects, or beginners.

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