Bluehost WordPress tutorial 2022 – Fast & Easy

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In this Bluehost WordPress tutorial/review, I want to show you just how easy it is to install WordPress, set up your new business, and manage all your website aspects. I’ll also show you how to take a simple template like this, and easily adjust it to look more professional, just like this…


👌 Free domain and SSL certificate
👌 Convenient business-focused tools
👌 Modern and easy to use interface
👌 Highly reliable servers
👌 Website staging area

Areas of improvement:

🏔️ Introductory prices increase on renewal
🏔️ Servers only in the US


Performance results for Bluehost:

The performance here is pretty solid, while being sometimes a bit slower than Hostinger, I found it loads a full WordPress website in under 2 seconds.

As for Uptime – Bluehost demonstrates 99.99-100% Uptime constantly. For any small-medium WordPress website, these servers are stable and powerful.


Bluehost Shared Hosting Feature list:

🚀 Free SSL
🚀 50GB SSD Storage Space – SSD storage improves your website speed and 50GB is more than enough for any small-medium website.
🚀 Unmetered Bandwidth
🚀 Free Domain Name
🚀 Free CDN – Content Delivery Network Copies your website’s content to multiple servers all around the world, improving your performance worldwide.
🚀 Easy to use control panel – One of the easiest ways to manage your shared hosting, it’s sleek and clear no matter what you want to do.
🚀 Included Website Builder

More expensive plans also include:

🚀 Unlimited Websites
🚀 Automated backups – No need to do anything, just sit back as your content is kept safe and protected in the worst-case scenario.
🚀 Domain privacy – Hides your personal details from the domain registry, meaning no one can look up who owns this domain and send you spam.
🚀 Free office 365

🔥Get the best website builder plugin – ELEMENTOR ➡️

This price rise is a bit steep, but for the plans and hosting, you’re getting it’s worth the price. Also, all plans here come with a free domain name for a year, you also get a free SSL certificate, which helps with overall security. Lastly, these plans come with a free Content Delivery Network. This tool copies your site to servers around the world so that users from those regions could get to your content faster. So overall you get an all-inclusive package.

🎯 Bluehost – Get The Best Deal available! ➡️

Is Bluehost Good For WordPress?

It’s really easy to use even for more advanced management tasks, it’s fast, reliable, and ultimately, quite affordable. The best combo for anyone looking to start a brand new website or move existing projects here.

Just to quickly recap what we did, we installed a fresh WordPress system, added an Astra theme, making it unique for our style, and looked at extra business tools to improve your site. There is much more to talk about Bluehost, but I’ll leave that for another video…

0:00 Intro
0:34 Why choose Bluehost?
1:59 Install wordpress
3:29 Change website design
6:53 Useful tools
9:04 Create professional email

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