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Once you’re in the TIDIO dashboard go to this settings button and click it. Do the following steps:

You’ll see the Chat Appearance page, you can change the color scheme, select whether you want your text to be light or dark, and choose if you want the chat widget to be on the left side or the right. But the most important part of this customization is text info, change all info that isn’t necessary for you with your own. This includes Online Status, Label Text, and Getting Started info.

Here you can select settings for mobile if you want to display chat widget just on desktop or both. Next, you’ll see the offline message, edit this text since this is what a user will see when you’re not online. But we also need to set our WORK HOURS, click this little button here, then activate Operating hours and customize from when you start working.

Now, the question that’s left is this: do you want to get a pre-chat survey, meaning that your visitors will have to fill in, for example, their email address before continuing. I personally leave just the email requirement, I don’t like spam, but test this out, you can always tweak these changes in the future.

The final option here is whether you want to add different languages, it’s really a useful option for larger projects. You can also create drafts of your mostly used messages if you go to the QUICK RESPONSE tab and then edit or delete any existing data.

Adding another contributor is easy and on the free plan. To add help, simply go to settings and then Operators, type in the name as well as email address, and you’re done. To set up the ChatBot, select one of the existing templates. There are quite a few different options to choose from, if you click any of them you can see what exactly it will do. I’ll go with an automatic response chatbot so users would get an automated greeting back.

Talking about the chatbot, if you want to have no limit on that, you can go with TIDIO premium plans and use the discount link in the description below.

By now you should have everything customized to the way you want, but if you have any problems or further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments down below. Also, let me know whether these short split tutorials are better for you…

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Time stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:09 Tidio chat appearance
0:38 Tidio for mobile devices
1:00 Set up work hours on Tidio
1:15 Change Tidio chat size
1:28 Pre-Chat Survey
1:58 Tidio language options
2:10 Quick responses
2:22 Contributors
2:39 AI Tidio Chat Bot
3:19 Conclusion
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