Don’t know where to start? Best Website Builders For Beginners 2022 List!

🧨 Looking for the easiest way to build a website on your own? We got you covered! 🧨
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What is a good website builder?

🧨 To be the best website builder for small businesses or you first need to meet the basic standards to be a GOOD web builder. First, an SSL is necessary for any website in 2022 a good security pancake is the most important thing for any site. All of today’s providers will be safe to a point, they will install SSL certificates automatically and have backups, and DDoS protection.

🧨 I know that security might not feel like a priority when starting, but you don’t want to end up like these WordPress users that got their websites compromised just because of forgotten updates.

🧨 And there are countless horror stories like this. What I’m trying to say is, always make sure your site is getting the right treatment, or use the providers we test out for you, like in this video…

🧨 Next thing on – how to build a website – eCommerce options, at least the basic process of adding and managing your products are an absolute must. Selling something nowadays is not difficult and having the option to do that is extremely important. You might think – well, I’m not selling any products, but that’s a bit of old-school thinking, you can always sell subscriptions, your digital art, tutorials, or anything that other people will pay money for.

🧨 The last thing that I learned the hard way, have all your website needs met in one place – in other words, a free domain name with your website builder. The first aspect of this is that you save around $10-30 for that one free year, which is nice, but the most important thing is that you won’t have to register and use a completely different provider just for your website name.


Very affordable
Simple and easy-to-customize templates
Pretty helpful AI tools
Great website performance


Grid editor limits design customizability
Blog post scheduling is not available yet

Site123 PROS:

Easy to use platform
Excellent performance
Pretty good in-house business features
Excellent 24/7 customer support

Site123 CONS:

Limited customization options


Great modern templates
Terrific versatility
Strong business features
A great app store


Some editor options can be intimidating at first
Third-party plugins may cost extra

✅ Zyro – We Have a Deal ➡️
✅ Site123 – We Have a Deal ➡️
✅ Wix – We Have a Deal ➡️

What Website Builders Should You Get?

🔥 So that’s it for this best website builder 2022 video, by now I should have answered the most important questions and you should have a better understanding of what website builder you ACTUALLY need for your next web project. I know, picking only ONE BEST builder isn’t easy, I feel like the 3 providers here will be perfect for any project, but to be very specific:

🔥 Choose Zyro to build a modern-looking website easily and without any hassle, use the AI tools to get a startup while developing your project even further. Good for blogs, portfolios, and landing pages.

🔥 Site123 for beginners is a perfect balance between customization options and simplicity, use it to build your next project fast but a bit restrictive on the design side. Good for any business website or site with lots of content.

🔥 Wix is more expensive and is meant for users that have either some skills or can spare time getting the hang of it. But once you do, this will be the all-in-one platform for any business. Good for eCommerce stores, forums, and complex blogs.

00:00 Intro
0:30 Is security THAT important?
1:30 What is a Good Website Builder?
2:15 Q1 – How much can you spend
2:46 Zyro – Cheapest builder in the market
3:38 Wix – Extensive and expensive
4:32 Q2 – Complex or simple?
4:50 Site123 – Straightforward approach!
5:33 Wix – When you need everything
6:26 Q3 – Special features
7:40 SEO, Marketing, Analytic
8:26 Website builders mobile apps
9:10 Final Conclusion

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