Weebly Review – Is it worth using it in 2022?

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Weebly Website Builder isn’t the biggest name in the industry, but you don’t need to be big to be good, right? Well, that’s what I wanted to find out, so I’d spend a few weeks testing the ins and outs of this website builder – the verdict? Let’s find out together in my Weebly review…

Is Weebly any good?

🔥 I like the essence and accessibility of Weebly. If you don’t want to spend too much overthinking every element of your web design, and just want a modern-looking business website it might just be the builder for you. Don’t expect too many customization options or themes, but for a simple eCommerce project, it will be more than enough.

🔥 Weebly is a pretty good website builder if you’re looking for a simple way to build your website, and manage your business all in one platform.

Weebly Builder Feature list:

🚀 1 Website
🚀 Unlimited SSD Storage Space – don’t worry about uploading more images or videos here
🚀 Unlimited Bandwidth
🚀 Free SSL
🚀 2 Easy to use website builders controls
🚀 Free Professional Email Account – an email with your website’s name in it
🚀 24/7 Live chat and phone support
🚀 Abandoned cart recovery
🚀 Multiple currencies
🚀 Unlimited products

What is Weebly used for?

🚀 Weebly is used for personal websites, as well as small eCommerce projects. It’s liked for eCommerce due to its connection with the Square payment gateway.

Is Weebly good for SEO?

🚀 Weebly is pretty good for SEO, letting you to edit headers and footer code, and add meta tags on each of the pages and products.

Is Weebly a good option for a personal website?

🚀 Weebly is a good option for a personal website, just beware – the free and the $5 Weebly plans will include builder’s own advertising.

Is Weebly free?

🚀 Weebly offers a free plan you can use with no payment or credit card info required. However, the plan is quite limited, and I don’t recommend running a full website on it – instead, consider upgrading to a premium option.

How much does Weebly cost?

🚀 The great part about Weebly is that you can test all of its features and even publish a website completely for free. No going in blind or pre-paying. While sure it’s great, for any real project you’ll need to upgrade to a premium option since you’re going to need a bit more files than just 500MB of storage space.

🚀 Whilst you shouldn’t expect to build a successful online store for free, the good news is Weebly’s plans are more than affordable. Even with the cheapest plan, you’ll have some ability to sell online and manage your products on directly on Weebly’s mobile app. Just remember, this plan won’t remove Weebly’s ads on your design or even give you enough resources for anything apart from a small store though.

Performance results for Weebly Website Builder

🏎️ Let’s very briefly look at the performance you can expect here. To test that I’ll use GTMetrix and build a test web design on Weebly. Running these tests a few times it seems that Weebly manages to fully load my website in around 2.4-2.8 seconds. To put it into perspective the average website loading time is 7-8 seconds, while the recommended loading time for websites in 2022 is 2.5 seconds.

🏎️ So Weebly manages to hit that “recommended” loading speeds, but if I’m honest, when Weebly specializes in building eCommerce stores, I was expecting a bit better performance. It’s not bad for small stores, but once your popularity gets rolling this might not be enough, keep that in mind.

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00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Weebly Website Builder Review
01:52 – Weebly App Market
02:24 – Weebly SEO Options
03:06 – How Expensive is Weebly?
03:44 – Is Weebly Safe?
04:18 – Is Weebly Fast?
05:00 – Weebly Mobile App
05:35 – Is Weebly Good?
05:57 – Conclusion

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