Best Hosting for Small Business 2022

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✅ Hostinger – Cheapest hosting ➡️
✅ Bluehost – Easiest Hosting! ➡️

Hostinger – most affordable hosting for business

If you’re like me and have a smaller budget or spend most of your cash on NFTs, then I have not found a better balance between price and quality than Hostinger for small business owners.

“But Dainius, you sexy beast, why should I get a Hostigner?” you might think. Well, let’s start with the price. If you only want to have a landing page for your local business or just a simple website, you can get a plan here for as little as $2 a month. And renewal prices increase around 2 times, probably the lowest “jump” in the industry. So you can get a year of hosting for $50 or 4 years of hosting for about $100, 200 after renewals, now that sounds like a good investment, not like my NFTs.

I’ve mentioned NFTs for a reason, Hostinger is also one of only a few providers that allow you to pay for hosting with cryptocurrency. Just another way that Hostinger shows how its user’s convenience is important to them. Talking about convenience, while I can’t say that Hostinger’s control dashboard is the best I’ve seen, I can tell you that it is extremely simple and easy to use. Just take a look, everything is clearly labeled, and over the years I never stumbled upon any real problems with the hPanel. I can guarantee you’ll be able to manage everything on your own here. If you want a more in-depth Hostinger review, visit our channel…

✅ Hostinger – Get The Best Deal! ➡️
✅ Bluehost – Get The Best Deal! ➡️
✅ SiteGround – Get The Best Deal! ➡️

Bluehost – easiest way to manage a website on your own

Look, I get it, if someone would have told me years ago that I can manage my website on my own, I probably wouldn’t believe them, there are just so many things to do and know, especially if you want to market things on your own… But now, with providers like Bluehost, I’m the one that is telling you – this is by far the easiest hosting provider for any new business or beginner. And Bluehost really does a lot to make web hosting for small business owners easy…

Let’s look at the Bluehost business website price first, while it’s a bit more expensive than Hostinger, it still manages to offer you hosting for under $3 a month. The difference is that Bluehost also comes packed with a free domain name for a year and a free content delivery network. What about renewals, this is where things get a bit tricky, you might see that this $3 price is only for a single year of hosting, and if we wanted to go for the longest period as we did with Hostinger, the price goes up… hm, what? Why is that?

✅ Hostinger – Get The Best Deal! ➡️
✅ Bluehost – Get The Best Deal! ➡️
✅ SiteGround – Get The Best Deal! ➡️

SiteGround – fastest hosting for mission-critical websites

Small business website doesn’t need to be a slow business website, especially when having one of the fastest shared hosting providers isn’t that expensive. Yes, it’s the one and only SiteGround, probably THE provider to choose if you want to optimize your business or want to have the best WordPress hosting. But at the same time, SiteGround IS the most expensive of these 3 providers.

The cheapest plan here starts from $2.99 a month, so far, so good, just a few cents more than Bluehost’s also kind of cheap business web hosting option. You might be starting to get suspicious, where is that “Most expensive hosting” you were talking about. Well, I love the first purchase discount but the reason I don’t recommend SiteGround for personal projects is its renewal pricing. This plan renews at $15 a month… basically 5 times the starting price compared to 2 times that Hostinger raises his monthly fee… Now the question then is – are the plans worth it?

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01:24 – Hostinger – Price
02:14 – Hostinger for business
04:09 – Bluehost – Price
04:44 – Bluehost for business
05:43 – SiteGround – Price
07:22 – SiteGround for business
08:46 – Conclusion

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