Bluehost WordPress Tutorial 2024 | ULTIMATE step-by-step GUIDE

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Bluehost hosting is one of only 3 providers to be recommended by WordPress creators. And yeah, I can see why, it comes with a lot of great tools for WordPress. But I’m not just going to talk about them, let me teach you how to utilize this hosting to its fullest!

How to start building a WordPress website with Bluehost?

You’ll first need a Bluehost WordPress hosting plan. I recommend starting with the Basic, this will allow us to host one website and give us 10GB of storage space.

You will need to create a domain name. Every plan has a free domain credit, so just type in your business name and pick the extension to see if this combo is available. Or you can skip this step and use a Bluehost subdomain and pick a domain name later on. Next, fill in your personal details and choose a 1-year hosting period to get the lowest price available. Remove any add-ons, it’s going to reduce the price and we can always add them later on if they are actually needed. Finish the purchase process, confirm your email, and we can start building!

How to install fresh WordPress on Bluehost?

When you log in, you should see a dashboard, this is the main work area that we’ll be using. To “create WordPress website”, click Website, and then Add First Website or Add Site if you have something created already. Choose Install WordPress, or you can even transfer your WordPress site from other hosting providers, but let’s focus on creating a new site. So in the next step add your new project’s name and click continue. If you’ve chosen a domain name in the previous step, select it here, if not you can just use the temporary domain for now.

Bluehost WordPress onboarding process

Click the EDIT SITE button to start the Bluehost and WordPress introductory process. What it means is that you’ll have to answer a few questions about your project and Bluehost will tailor the experience to your needs. Let’s start the setup – first, pick your experience level, I’ll go with never used it, then choose your market. Whether it’s business, personal, entertainment, etc. Next, you’ll need to add your new website information, type in the site title, and description, and upload a logo. I really like that Bluehost gives you this little preview of how this info will look for users browsing.


Well, I think that’s all about Bluehost and WordPress. Even with the length of this tutorial, I can’t cover every little thing, so if you need any more help, leave a comment down below, I’ll try to answer them as soon as I can…

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00:00 Intro
0:18 Starting with Bluehost Hosting!
1:41 Installing WordPress
2:53 Bluehost WordPress onboarding
5:10 Dashboard
6:43 Creating a new page
10:49 Changing your themes
11:53 Editing menus and widgets
16:14 Staging feature
17:27 Bluehost dashboard and free CDN
19:22 Conclusion

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