Can You Build a Portfolio Website On Your Own? Yes! Zyro Tutorial 2022

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To have a good personal portfolio website, you don’t need a lot, but what’s important is choosing a modern and easy-to-use website builder. So I tested a few different providers and found probably the best website builder for creating websites like these… Let’s use Zyro and learn how to make a portfolio website…

Creating a Portfolio Website Part 1

So, how to make a portfolio website with Zyro? Well, the Editor might look difficult at first, but as you’ll see, it’s a really straightforward tool for any beginner or non-professional user. I’ll modify global settings before starting the real editing process since these will affect every part of my site. If I go here, I can select the color scheme that best suits my portfolio and set custom colors if I want. I can then change the overall fonts or how my buttons will look.

Next, let’s change the content. This template design works for me, so at least for the main area, I’ll leave everything structurally the same. I’ll select any element and click here to pull up its settings. The great thing here is that there aren’t many unnecessary options to mess around with, just the basics, which makes it quick to work with. Let’s move from top to bottom and change every piece of content into our own. Oh, I can edit text by just clicking on it and using this handy floating toolbar. It’s kind of like working with Word or Google Docs.

Now, if you want to know how to build a portfolio website that looks more unique, you’ll need to work with elements. So if I don’t like a particular element, I can always just remove it like this. To replace an element or add a new one, I’ll go to the left-side menu and drag and drop the selected thing into my design. After this, I can edit or rearrange them however I want within the website’s structure. Zyro doesn’t limit me where to place elements, so I can add images on top of images to create a more complex-looking portfolio.

If I don’t like the section entirely, I can just delete it like this. Then I can replace it with a full premade section by clicking here. There aren’t many different choices here, but it’s enough for a simple website. In general, Zyro doesn’t have a lot of things you can customize, but that allows me not to overthink and actually complete my website.


Zyro Website Builder Feature list:

🚀 1 Website
🚀 Unlimited SSD Storage Space – don’t worry about uploading more images or videos here
🚀 Unlimited Bandwidth
🚀 Free SSL
🚀 30-day money-back guarantee – Industry standard of 30 days to get your money back
🚀 Free Professional Email Account – an email with your website’s name in it
🚀 24/ Live chat and phone support
🚀 Free Image Library
🚀 Accept online payments
🚀 Abandoned cart recovery
🚀 Instagram Store

Creating a Portfolio Website Part 2

Another thing to note is working with links. If I want to change an exciting link inside the text, I select that element and then click LINK to change where it leads. I’ll drag a text element onto my design to add a new link and do the same process. I can make individual words or even parts of words to have different links, so there’s surprisingly a lot of customization here.

The last thing that is important for any portfolio structure – is social media and contact form. You can find social icons in the footer or just drag a new element in this particular theme. Go to edit. I’ll remove Twitter and then make sure that each link leads to the page I want.

Now, l want to edit the contact form. If I click here, I can delete unnecessary fields until I’m left with only Email and Message. I like that you can change the message shown when the form is submitted or even redirect the user somewhere else. But as with most things at Zyro, there’s not much more to customize with forms.


00:00 – Intro
0:25 – How to Start Using Zyro Website Builder
1:10 – Zyro Website Builder Templates
2:08 – Zyro – Editing Website’s Structure
3:20 – Working with Elements/Sections
5:50 – Zyro Uploading Logo
6:25 – Editing Site’s Navigation
6:53 – How To Publish a Website
7:23 – Zyro Pricing and Plans
8:11 – Conclusion

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