Elementor Tutorial for 2023 | From Beginner to Expert

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Hey, welcome to Cybernews. You probably know the name Elementor – it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular WordPress website builders. And I’ve been working with this builder for a few years, so I want to share my experience and save you a headache with my Elementor Tutorial…


WordPress and Elementor?

ℹ️ How’s regular WordPress management different from Elementor? Well, the most important thing is that WordPress is a backed editor, meaning that you create pages with code, elements, or blocks. You need to save the webpage and open it to see whether your changes were applied or not. Elementor does something different here. It allows you to edit your live page – in other words, it’s a “what you see is what you get” type of editor. Instead of adding code or elements and hoping that they will work, you can see the final product immediately.


Elementor Website Builder – Elements and Sections!

🥇 I’ll do the same drag-and-drop move here. Oh, what I really like about Elementor is that you can use a free image library without leaving the builder itself. This makes my job a lot faster. There are a lot of elements that the free version of Elementor comes with, including – testimonials, Google Maps, Social Feeds, and more. But some elements like countdowns, team members, and more complex galleries are only available with Elementor Pro. Oh, right, I wanted to mention that Elementor AI is a thing. Yeah, Elementor keeps up with the tech by including an AI image generator and text generator straight into the builder itself, sweet.


Elementor Website Builder – Style Options and Settings

✅ Then let’s look at styles, I’ll click the title, go to Style, and here I can change the color of the text. What’s better is that Elementor shows colors that are already used in my design. This makes it easier to have a harmonious color pallet. There is also a large selection of fonts available, but to keep your design consistent, I recommend using only 2 max 3 fonts. And this little icon here helps me with it, I can select the secondary text style and don’t mess around with details.

✅ Oh, and here’s a nifty trick: they’ve got a copy-and-paste feature! So if you like the style of one element and want to apply it to another, just copy and paste the style. Voila! You’ve got a consistent design in no time. And one more thing, while Elementor doesn’t have any SEO options, you can easily integrate it with the Yoast SEO plugin and work on the page’s SEO in the editor windows itself. A very comfortable approach, I have to say…


The conclusion

So that should be all for the basics of how to build a website with Elementor. Just like any great website builder, there is a lot more to explore, but for a small website, it should be enough.

00:00 – Intro
0:20 – Elementor Free Vs. Pro?
1:15 – Starting Elementor Tutorial
1:46 – Differ between WordPress and Elementor?
2:22 – Do you still need a WordPress theme?
2:56 – Editing Your Website With Elementor!
6:43 – Simple Portfolio – Pro Vs Free!
7:21 – Elementor Style Options!

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