Hostinger review | Best web hosting 2022 [+ Hostinger tutorial]

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In today’s video, we’ll go over Hostinger’s features, we’ll look at how to start hosting here, and how to create a WordPress website. I’ll even add some tips I discovered along the way, so stick to the end to be a master at Hostinger WordPress Hosting.

And If you’re here you know, or at least heard of, that Hostinger’s shared hosting plans are one of the cheapest and best options for any small business website or personal projects. So just like Hostinger keeps updating and improving their system, I’m making a fresh tutorial to help you out a bit. Let’s start this party…

First – speed, for the price I’m paying, I expected loading times in around 3-4 seconds, which is still decent. But Hostinger apparently is a powerhouse with its loading speeds. It blasted my full WordPress business website in just over one second. It was, well, like a blink of an eye.


Hostinger Shared Hosting Feature list:

🚀 Free SSL
🚀 Unmetered Bandwidth
🚀 Free Domain Name – with yearly plans you get a free website name for an entire year.
🚀 Free CDN – Content Delivery Network copies your website files to multiple servers around the world, speeding up the general performance of your site.
🚀 Easy to use control panel
🚀 Pro Email – You get an email account with your domain name, like
🚀 Weekly Backups
🚀 24/ Live chat support

More expensive plans also include:

🚀 100 Websites
🚀 Unlimited Emails
🚀 Unlimited Bandwidth
🚀 Daily Backups – Automatically copies your files and server settings every day, allowing you to restore them for free if something happens.


Performance results for Hostinger shared hosting plan:

I want to look at Hostingers speed straight from the box with the default template. First, since these plans are really affordable and for small projects, I expected loading times at around 3 seconds, which would still be a great result. But Hostinger isn’t about to go with my expectations, It fully loaded my site in just over one second. So with default templates and optimization, Hostinger’s performance is amazing.

To put these numbers into a better perspective, Google’s recommended optimal loading time is 2.5 seconds, so that’s nearly 3 times faster. And I didn’t find any indicator of bad optimization or system issues. This means that in the future, your site’s performance will depend mostly on how well YOU will optimize your content and media.


Is Hostinger Really That Good for WordPress?

That wasn’t that difficult, right? And it was that way because Hostinger makes sure to put user experience first, we easily installed the WordPress system with just a few clicks. Added a brand new theme with texts and images and finally customized it. By the end, you should have a website that you can actually “show off”.

Hostinger is one of my favorite providers, it just does what I need for extremely affordable prices. Great performance, decent security, more than enough resources, and easy to use control panel, what more can a new hosting website need?

Time Stamps

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0:47 How to buy a Hostinger plan
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4:41 Hostinger performance
5:22 How to customize Hostinger website
8:24 Hostinger pricing

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