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If you want to add a live chat to your website, I’ll show you exactly how in this video…

Look, TIDIO is a great tool for a small personal project or even shops. The free plan allows you to have up to 3 people managing your responses and have a few other limitations when it comes to marketing or generating leads. But with the free plan you can have as many chats as you get visitors, so there’s no – “monthly limit” bullcrap.

That being said, if your website makes money, I would suggest investing in more advanced plans, since these give you much more creative freedom and make generating leads as easy as it probably gets.

• First, you go to your WordPress dashboard and click here to add a new plugin. We’re searching for a TIDIO plugin. Activated it.

• On this new page, just type in your login information and click create. Add a name, then select the colors you want. If you don’t find the right color, you can just click here to pull up the color wheel. Type in the basic info about your project and select the goals you want.

• The next phase is the chatbot. Select one option and then click here to customize what is actually being displayed. Click this button and after a few seconds, your live chat widget is installed.

• Click this button to open the TIDIO LIVE CHAT Panel. Click the simulate chat button and a new window will open. Once you’re done gawking around, click the HOME icon to continue the setup, the rest is quite easy, just connect your social accounts if you want to use them here.

• If we visit our website’s front page you can see this live chat icon right here, nice. Let’s test it out, type anything you want into the chat, and you can already see that we got a notification in the next tab, go back to TIDIO and click here, you can see all of your conversations.

If you do think about premium plans I have a discount link in the description below. But it’s free, so go give it a try and I bet you’re going to love this free tool as much as I did…

🎯 Tidio Live Chat – We Have a Deal ➡️

Time stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:06 Installing Tidio Plugin
0:23 Tidio Customization
1:07 Tidio Set up
1:33 How does Tidio work?
2:10 Tidio plans

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