How to Create WordPress Website in 10 Minutes or Less 🔥 WordPress Tutorial

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Creating a WordPress website is actually very easy and Hostinger sets a lot of things for you. You only need to select a template which you want to use and customize the content. But in this tutorial I’ll also give you some tips on how to make your website secure and optimize it for SEO.

Time Table
0:00 Intro
0:33 Getting Hosting
1:13 Set Up Hostinger
2:06 Install a Theme
3:30 Customize Your Website
6:26 Extra tips
7:50 Discounts in the description!

Tutorial Steps:
1. Visit and buy domain and hosting.
2. Complete the Hostinger setup.
3. Add the “Astra” theme using your WordPress dashboard.
4. Customize the website design
5. Customize the content
6. Add SSL certificate from the Hostinger’s dashboard.
7. Install Yoast SEo plugin using your WordPress dashboard to improve search rankings.

🧨Why Hostinger?🧨
Hostinger Current* Pricing

Shared – From $1.39 to $4
VPS – From $4 to $78
Cloud – From $10 to $70

*As with all things in life, price is a subject to change

Hostinger Shared Hosting Feature list –
🚀Free SSL
🚀Unmetered Bandwidth
🚀Free Domain Name
🚀 Free CDN
🚀 Easy to use control panel
🚀 Pro Email
🚀 Weekly Backups
🚀 24/ Live chat support

More expensive plans also include:

🚀 100 Websites
🚀 Unlimited Emails
🚀 Unlimited Bandwidth
🚀 Daily Backups

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Performance results for Hostinger shared hosting plan:

Pingdom Uptime Monitor : 1 month result – 100% uptime, 0 minutes downtime

GTmetrix website load speed: 1.3 seconds full page load time.


🔥Is Hostinger actually good?

Hostinger has genuinely affordable hosting, it offers great performance, as well as a decent package of features that come with it. Hostinger will have everything you need for simpler projects, or beginners.

If you need something affordable that can also load your website fast – Hostinger will be the one and only for your project.

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