How To Get a Free Domain 2024 | 3 Free Domain Methods

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How to get a free domain in 2024? Well, I’m gonna be honest, you can’t, that’s just not how domain systems work. And yet, every website promising a free domain is gathering your data or frustrating you into buying premium. However, we can actually get a free subdomain address like this, or better yet, grab a top-level domain for a few years for basically a few bucks…


💰 Get a free domain with cheap hosting!

There are a lot of good providers but if we’re talking super cheap web hosting but with a solid quality, then go with Hostinger. The first reason is that it comes with lots of resources. While Bluehost and HostGator offer only 10GB of storage, Hostinger gives you 100GB of SSD for a more affordable price. The same is true with the website limit, I mean 100 websites under one subscription does sound good. That’s what, $0.03 a month for one website…

If you want to know how to get a free domain with other providers, I can’t cover all of them. But make sure they clearly state that you’ll get a free domain, and also read up on the conditions for hidden fees. With Hostinger free domain, there are no catches – just go with the cheapest plan using my link below or type in CYBERNEWS at the checkout, and choose your billing period.

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⚙️Free Subdomain from FreeDNS!
Know that providers like Freenom or similar websites are scams. It’s as simple as that, they might promise you a free domain, but they are never available, they get stuck in a setup, and do every single trick in the book to make you get a premium domain instead. So, don’t waste your time with that nonsense, and let me show you a way to get a free subdomain.

From a wide selection of addresses that FreeDNS offers, we can find something suitable, like MY DOT TO. ( It’s pretty short and simple to remember. To get started, visit FreeDNS dot afraid dot org and sign up for a free account. FreeDNS will send you a confirmation email, so use a real email address. Once verified, click on Add Subdomain and then on the Domain tab. Here we need to add your subdomain name, think about it as your website title, for this example let’s go with CyberHosting. Next, select the main domain, you’ll first get a few options, these are good but might not be what you are searching for. Don’t fret there’s a lot more of them, just click here and select Domain Registry. Here you go, now that’s a selection. Find the domain name that fits the best and select it.

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🤖Using Website Builders to get a free subdomain!

Another option is Wix website builder – this is probably the most extensive platform for both professionals and beginners alike. You can create a website with a free plan and use it forever. One plus of Wix is that you can create virtually any website, not only a blog. They will have Wix advertisements on them though… And you can’t sell, but that’s to be expected from a free plan. You don’t need to do anything extra to get the subdomain, just create a website, its name will go in this place – so your full address will look something like this. Other builder recommendations include Hostinger, for simple light website crafting, and Squarespace for more stylish modern sites.

✅ Wix website builder – ➡️


⭐ The conclusion

Alright, that’s all I have to say for today. Remember – don’t fall for free domain scams, save your time, and grab a functioning subdomain through FreeDNS, or a website builder. Alternatively, you can save your time and money by grabbing a hosting plan with a free domain name from affordable providers like Hostinger or Bluehost.


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