How To Host a Website? | Bluehost Tutorial 2024

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Today let’s learn how to host a website and manage it using Bluehost hosting. I’m going to lead you through the account setup, show you how to install fresh WordPress, and how to customize your content. Oh, and I’ll also share my personal tips along the way.


⭐ How To Start Building a WordPress Website with Bluehost?

What type of hosting do you need? Bluehost WEB HOSTING offers quite a selection, however, I always recommend starting with CHEAP HOSTING, specifically shared plans. Well, unless you want to run a large eCommerce store from the get-go. The reason for this is that upgrading your plan or even hosting type isn’t complicated and it’s much better to grow with your project’s needs than to overpay… I suggest kicking off with the Basic plan; it lets us HOST A WEBSITE and comes with a generous 10GB of storage space, more than enough for most small projects. Plus, all plans come with unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate for better security, and a free domain name for a year.

🚀 Get a new domain name with Bluehost!
Each plan hooks you up with a free domain credit. Just plug in your business name, choose the extension, and see if it’s up for grabs. If you’re not set on a domain just yet, no worries—use a Bluehost subdomain and circle back to the domain name decision later. I advise you to do a bit of research on whether there are other websites or companies with similar names and try to differentiate from them. Also, make sure to pick the extension based on your audience – if you’re going to sell things in the UK, go for the .UK domain, if you want to go more technical, .NET can work well.

🖥️ Bluehost WordPress onboarding process!

Click the “EDIT SITE” button. You’ll go through a few questions to tailor the experience to your needs. Nothing complicated, just basic questions. Choose your experience level and market. Then, enter your website information like the title, description, and logo. I like that Bluehost shows a preview of how your info will look. Next, choose your priority – whether it’s publishing for blogs or selling for online stores.

You’ll then see different color and font combinations to choose from, or you can customize the design further. Pick a template for now. On the plugin selection screen, I recommend choosing Yoast and Coming Soon. Finally, click “Complete Setup” and your WordPress website is ready to go.

🔧 Use Bluehost Custom Dashboard!

Bluehost can even provide expert services, like email migration or Pro SEO Assist. These services are costly but I really like that you can get them without leaving your site. One major plus of Bluehost is that it includes a caching plugin to boost your site’s speed. Depending on your site type, you can adjust caching settings for better performance. Don’t worry, changing these won’t mess up your site.

Oh, and this will be important for later on, but if you make updates and don’t see them, just come here and clear the cache to see the LIVE version. In the settings tab, you can tweak WordPress and Bluehost settings. You can manage comments, control content options, and even set up a coming soon page. But, it’s best to leave settings alone until you’re ready to launch your site.

00:00 Intro
0:18 Bluehost plans and pricing information!
1:17 Finalizing your Bluehost purchase!
2:16 Bluehost Onboarding!
3:01 Bluehost Custom Dashboard!
4:18 Basic WordPress Controls!
5:00 Crafting your WordPress website design!
5:40 Bluehost WonderSuite Website Builder!
6:08 Elementor and third-party Website Builders!
6:48 Improving Performance!
7:33 Additional Recommended plugins!
8:43 Conclusion

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