Introduction to DNS and Nameservers

This video will take you through an introduction to DNS and nameservers and how they are used with your domain name on the internet. We will also show you how to change the nameservers in the Account Management Panel for a domain managed with InMotion.

00:00 Introduction animation
00:09 Introduction tutorial on DNS and Changing Nameservers in AMP
00:31 The Domain Name Server System
00:53 Defining DNS
01:03 How do nameservers work?
02:10 Example of nameservers in WHOIS
02:23 Domain Propagation
02:50 Summarizing how DNS works
03:21 Changing the Nameservers in the Account Management Panel (AMP)
04:21 Conclusion

► To learn about Domain Names:

► You can also find out more about changing your nameservers:

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