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How to make a website – a question that seemingly should have a straightforward answer. But once you dig into it, you realize how many different users and projects there actually are. Suddenly, that one question has 50 sub-questions… and that’s why I’m here. I want to help you decide what you want, what you need, and what’s the best website builder tool for achieving your dream website…

🤖 What website are you building?

If you want a simple, representative website with minimal new content, like a local barber or event, a website builder will be optimal. For a blog or a more complex website with complete control over how it looks or works – use WordPress. If you just want to have a blog to share your thoughts, WordPress.com or Blogger will be the easiest way. As for large eCommerce stores – go with specialized providers like Shopify. I’ll leave my discount links for each recommended tool in the description. But for this video, I’ll focus on website builder and a bit of WordPress.

Both options are great but have their own strengths and weaknesses. With a website builder, you don’t need to think about plugin misconfigurations, outdated code, PHP versions, or anything like that, focusing just on your project. WordPress, though, allows you to build precisely what you want and, more importantly, learn along the way. What’s the best time for that than when you accidentally break your site?

🧨 What providers to use?

I could recommend many good shared hosting providers – DreamHost, HostGator, Bluehost, and even SiteGround. As for website builders, there is a super extensive Wix, a simple Site123 platform, and the aforementioned online store-oriented Shopify. However, if you’re new to all of this and do not have a plan of approach, the only genuine recommendation is Hostinger. The main reason is that it offers a website builder AND WordPress-optimized shared hosting on the same subscription. I personally have a few sites, like my portfolio website, built with a website builder for convenience’s sake. Meanwhile, my other sites, like my personal blog, run on WordPress for maximum control.

🧨 Domain Name!

If you grab Hostinger’s plan, each of them includes a free domain name for one year. If you’re hosting somewhere else, you’ll need to buy it either from that provider or any domain register. Either way, make sure that you understand the renewal pricing. A domain name can cost $5 the first year and then $70 the next. Since you could be building any website in any part of the world, I won’t go into details – just a few tips.

The name part should be your brand – however, if it’s a popular keyword, most options might already be taken. If so, some registrars will offer you alternatives by changing the name or the ending part. How important is this ending? Well, if your website’s audience is from a specific country, having that country’s domain extension will make it more accessible to them. Dot Com might also signify a more “real” business or seem better than DOT CLUB or DOT ONLINE. But honestly, this thinking is dying out, and not a lot of people overthink the domain extensions. Anyway, grab a domain name, and let’s move on.

⭐ The conclusion

Alright, this was a lot of information in quite a short time. I hope I made it clearer what to choose and what the steps are when building a modern no-code website, no matter if it’s a blog or an online store. I recommend Hostinger for both WordPress and website builder-related projects – just remember to use those discount links below to get the best price…

00:00 Intro
0:22 Step 1 – What website are you building?
1:17 Step 2 – What providers to use?
2:16 Step 2.5 – Domain Name!
3:15 Step 3 – Selecting your website design!
4:23 Step 4 – Editing design and creating content!
6:29 Step 5 – Adding extra functionality!
7:33 Step 6 – SEO options!
8:42 Step 7 – Publishing your website!
9:19 Conclusion!

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