Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2023

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Shopify is an eCommerce-centric platform, and naturally, everyone needs a Shopify tutorial occasionally. So after building a dozen stores and testing every aspect of this platform, I’m here with my Shopify tutorial for beginners…


Shopify Tutorial – Theme Selection

Okay, once that’s done, let’s continue my Shopify tutorial by customizing the look of my web store. To do this, I click Customize Theme. As you can see, there’s already a theme assigned by default, but if I scroll a bit down, I can add a new free theme. Now a thing to note about the Shopify store is that only a few themes are available for free. Others require an extra fee, usually just a single payment of up to $350. While that can be a bit limiting, on the good side, Shopify also has a large third-party theme marketplace. So if your budget allows you, you can find a theme for any business there…

Getting back to “how to make a Shopify store,” – let’s choose the Sense theme. Next, I’ll click Publish and then Publish one more time to make sure this theme is active for my store. Now while the free plan allows you to host a website on a Shopify subdomain, it’s only reachable with a password. So the free plan is just for testing things out before launching. For premium plans, you can grab a discount link down below. But we’ll talk about them a bit later on…

Shopify Tutorial – Editing Your Design

Now I need to edit my Shopify website design, and from the start, Shopify is pretty beginner friendly. There are no drag-and-drop controls or moving elements pixel by pixel. Shopify instead works with pre-made sections and allows to customize the content inside them further. For example, if I click here, I can customize the header. So I’ll upload my logo, change the header type to sticky, and I’ll change the color scheme. Oh, and if I go to the theme settings, I can add my social media accounts.

Next, I’ll select the main section right here. I’ll use Shopify’s free image explorer to find, well, free images that I can use on my Shopify design. Let’s add this one, and then I’ll just change the text here. Oh, one last thing I want to add is a caption with some extra text on it, like this one. Again, as you can probably guess by this whole process, the options you get for elements and customization are quite limiting. But on that note, I do believe that you can finish customizing your design here without a lot of my help – pick a section, change the content, maybe add a new text element, and that’s it.



00:00 Intro
0:17 Shopify Tutorial Getting Started
1:10 Picking a Shopify Theme
2:27 Editing Shopify Design
3:53 Managing Shopify Products
5:07 Shopify App Market
6:16 Shopify Tutorial – SEO
7:17 Shopify Tutorial – Performance
8:26 Conclusion

The conclusion

So as you saw, Shopify for beginners isn’t some scary beast but a very approachable eCommerce platform. While it’s definitely on the more expensive side, I believe that you’ll be able to start your business online in no time…

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