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Hey, you want to build an online shop with Shopify but don’t know where to start. Well, I compiled this Shopify tutorial for beginners to help you out with that. I won’t go into excruciating details – instead, I’ll cover all the necessities for a quick and successful store launch…

💰 Upgrading to a premium Shopify plan!

Upgrading immediately will get you the first month for $1, no matter the plan, and you’ll get better card rates in person. Start with the Basic option. It includes 10 inventory locations, and 3 markets for localized selling, besides the fees aint that high. It’s perfect for small or even medium-sized online stores, and Shopify makes it easy to upgrade at any time. If you want to save even more in the long run, go with the yearly billing option.

🤖 Creating Shopify Products!
If you click Products, you can create a single new item. Fill in the basic information like its title, description, images, weight, and category. Well, basically everything YOU would like to see in an online store… Spend some time familiarizing yourself with all the different fields and settings here. I’m not going into too much detail since this video would take 3 hours, but for the basics:

First, try to create a balance between catchy, dare I say it, even clickbaity titles and descriptive information. The title and part of the product description will be shown in Google search results, so you want to catch your customers’ eye but not lie to them. Make sure the description clearly states the pros of your product and why customers should buy from you – there are countless examples online, or you can just see how your favorite store does descriptions. Way down below, you’ll see a Search Engine listing – click edit and fill in or edit information here. It’s going to be the info that Google displays in search results.

🧨 Shopify app store!

It has more than 8000 apps from various providers… yes 8000 different tools, and it’s expanding constantly. With a selection this big, you’ll find at least one app that does what you need. Though these apps are mostly premium and will add to your monthly fee. But most of them offer some sort of trials or super limited free options to see what’s what. Don’t forget to check a few alternatives before buying any app subscription.

Reading up on users’ reviews can help you know whether the app is for you or if you should skip it. As for some of my recommendations, user reviews are always good for store image, works great and is relatively cheap. There’s also a selection of landing page builder alternatives if you prefer to avoid PageFly. And, of course, you’ll need some sort of email or social marketing since there is little with Shopify alone.

✅ Shopify Website Builder! ➡️

⭐ The conclusion
Once again, I can only cover some things since you all have so many different types of stores to make. Most importantly, keep going and focus on launching a basic storefront. You can always upgrade, optimize, and improve later on, especially since, with website builders, you can’t really break your website. So go and build your business….

00:00 Intro
0:17 Before we start!
0:39 Start with a free Shopify trial!
1:22 Upgrading to a premium Shopify plan!
1:46 Getting a domain name for your Shopify store.
2:30 Creating Shopify Products!
3:30 Importing Shopify Products!
3:53 Shopify Free/Premium designs!
4:44 Shopify extra design apps!
5:24 Shopify third-party market designs!
5:51 Shopify app store!
6:45 Shopify Shipping!
7:21 Shopify Taxes!
8:06 Conclusion!

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