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SiteGround is a bit more expensive hosting provider, but you get a plethora of features, tight security, and top-notch optimization. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s one of the best hosting providers for eCommerce or business. Why? Each plan allows you to add collaborators to work together, have eCommerce options enabled straight-from-the-box, and the GoGeek plan even allows you to create white-label products to sell as your own.

Siteground Shared Hosting Feature list:

πŸš€ SSD Storage – SSD is a faster form of storage that will help you boost your site’s performance even further.
πŸš€ Unmetered Traffic
πŸš€ Daily Backups – Automatically copies your files and server settings every day, allowing you to restore them for free if something happens.
πŸš€ Free CDN
πŸš€ Free Professional Email
πŸš€ Built-in optimization
πŸš€ Free SSL
πŸš€ 24/ Live chat support

More expensive plans also include:

πŸš€ Unlimited Websites
πŸš€ Ultrafast PHP – A custom build optimized version of PHP that improves your website’s performance even further.
πŸš€ Website Staging
πŸš€ Priority Support

Performance results for SiteGround Shared Hosting:

🏎️ I ran two-speed tests, one with the default WordPress theme and the second with this new Astra design. The Speed here? Yeah, it’s pretty insane, SiteGround managed to fully load the default WordPress website in just 0.8 seconds and after adding text and images the results increased to 1.1 seconds. There were no red flags in both results, no long server blocking, or any other nonsense. To put these numbers into perspective, any website that loads faster than 3 seconds is great in my and Google’s books.

🎯 SiteGround – Get The Best Deal ➑️

Why is SiteGround So Good?

🚧 SiteGround is full of features and not only to make the beginner’s life easier. If you’re a developer, you get an easy-to-use Staging tool, GIT integration, and a built-in Caching tool with lots of customizations.

🚧 The security package here is also really solid. Some things you kind of expect to be there, like a free WildCard SSL, real-time monitoring, and web application firewall. But it goes further, I personally love that hosting here comes with the SiteGround security plugin, this means I don’t need to add any third-party plugins. Oh the last thing, there are so many security features it’s hard to list them all, all plans come with DAILY automated backups.

Time stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:29 – What’s SiteGround?
0:56 – SiteGround pricing
1:59 – SiteGround features
2:27 – SiteGround security
3:23 – Getting started with SiteGround
6:25 – Building a website with SiteGround
7:58 – SiteGround’s performance
8:41 – Editing your website
10:15 – Conclusion

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