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You know Squarespace… you’ve seen every YouTuber advertising them, hell, this year Squarespace commercials with Adam Driver won a high place at the Cannes Lions Festival… What I’m getting at is that everybody knows WHAT Squarespace is, but not a lot knows HOW to actually use it… Let’s fix this with my Squarespace tutorial…

How to start with Squarespace?

Before starting to create a website, it’s probably good to tell you my opinion about Squarespace in general. It is on the more costly side and can be limiting in some places, but Squarespace website builder is one of THE best tools I’ve used. It’s stylish, minimalist, and responsive. I can create a lot of different-looking designs yet I never feel lost or oversaturated with choice. It’s definitely not a builder for every project, but I would say it’s a great choice for portfolios, eCommerce, and creative websites.

To get started with Squarespace you need to create an account. No need to pay anything upfront. This is pretty simple so I won’t go step by step. Once you’re in, answer a few questions about your project in general…


Templates or Blueprint Builder?

Now we reach our first major decision – do you go with a pre-made Squarespace website design or create a template from scratch? The end editor is going to be the same either way, but we can quickly look at both of these methods:

Personally, I love Squarespace templates, sure maybe LOVE is a strong word to use here, but they are modern and stylish, and I usually find the perfect template for my project. You won’t find static designs with 90s-style headers here, but I also have to admit that these designs are mostly for creative industries. Squarespace offers over 100 templates to choose from. These templates are organized by industry, ranging from ‘Online Stores’ and ‘Food’. Hovering over any one of them and selecting ‘Preview’ will give you a closer look. Remember that the template you choose will serve as the foundation for your website’s design and you can’t switch them out unless you want to start from scratch. However, don’t overthink this now, every template can be changed to fit your needs.

If you opt to build from scratch using Squarespace Blueprint, you can create a personalized template in just five straightforward steps. This is an excellent choice for those who aren’t design-savvy. The setup for Blueprints is very simple, select your website elements, like header, from a selection of a few pre-made choices. Then customize your fonts and color choice. Let it all cook for a few seconds and your new design should be ready.


Squarespace Website Builder – Editing your website!

No matter which way you choose to go, next is the most crucial part of building your actual website – editing. It can be a pain in the a… Luckily, with Squarespace, it’s easier than you might think. First, let’s talk about blocks or elements – our design is made out of a bunch of them, like legos. To add an element, click here. Now, there’s a healthy selection of different blocks that can be added to the design, such as text blocks for paragraphs or headings, and video blocks for embedding videos. Just drag a text block, and its options will appear on top, we can click here to reveal all text editing tools.


The conclusion

That should be it for today’s Squarespace tutorial, if you still have questions, well, you better leave them down below. If you don’t have a Squarespace subscription yet or want to upgrade, use the link in the description to get the best available price.

00:00 Intro
0:24 What is Squarespace?
0:59 Creating a Squarespace account!
1:25 Templates or Blueprint Builder?
3:01 Squarespace – Website Editing!
5:17 Squarespace – Selling and business!
7:22 Squarespace – Marketing
8:50 Squarespace – Analytics!
10:00 Conclusion

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