The Best Free All In One Shopify Dropshipping Tool

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The Best Free All In One Shopify Dropshipping Tool
Regarding the main selling points of SimplyTrends, here you go:
1. The biggest selling point: Sales Tracking
It can accurately track any Shopify store’s sales of every single product for you, 24/7.

2. The second biggest selling point: Shopify competitor finder (search Shopify stores, search similar Shopify stores, search Shopify products, search similar Shopify products)
It is the world’s largest searchable Shopify database, with our innovative and exhaustive search and filter features. You can easily and quickly find all your Shopify competitors in seconds.

3. The third selling point: Winning Facebook ads
Our curation of all the latest & most profitable Facebook ads (validated by the growing number of running ads using the same creative and text)

4. One more selling point: Supplier image search
One-click to search any image on multiple popular dropshipping supplier platforms: AliExpress, Cjdropshipping, and Alibaba.

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