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If you dipped your toes into website building, you should have heard the argument – Wix vs WordPress. Both providers offer tools for building and managing any modern website. But they are absolutely for two different user groups – which one is the right tool for YOU? Well, watch my Wix vs WordPress comparison, and you’ll have your answer by the end of it…


🧩 Editing and Ease of Use – WordPress vs Wix!

Wix website builder editor is great, it has smooth drag-and-drop controls, gives you lots of elements to play with, and has help in the form of guides or rulers. However, there is a Site History feature allowing you to ctrl-z your way back and keep specific WEB DESIGN going. Or you can start over since there is no limit to how many test sites you can have. Overall, I like how interactive the editor is, allowing you to right-click for a handy menu or drag to combine elements. And if I’m honest, Wix has a much easier way of coding, you can create simple code snippets without too much technical knowledge.

WordPress is a bit more complex – it can be designed in multiple ways. The first one is old-school, you pick a theme, go to customization, and change settings there, maybe adding a bit of CSS for a good measure. Most themes nowadays also come with separate plugins offering way more customization, but that highly varies and can be locked under a premium subscription. There’s a third way – using WordPress website builders like Elementor, you can design your site with full drag-and-drop controls.


💰 Plans and Pricing – WordPress vs Wix!

That free Wix plan is handy for testing out what this platform offers, and you can host a simple website with a subdomain. But at a certain point, you will expand or get sick of Wix ads all over your design. Then, start with the Light or Core option if you’re planning to start selling from the get-go. Now, here are a few things to note about Wix pricing. First, each plan is for one website – meaning more sites, more plans. There is no renewal price increase, the price you choose will always stay the same.

However, you can lower overall fees by subscribing to a longer billing period. If you’re unsure about spending money, there’s an easily activated 14-day money-back guarantee. All the same things that Hostinger has, including saving with longer subscriptions and even upping the money-back guarantee to 30 days. On top of that, Hostinger is nearly 5 times cheaper than Wix… but the real kicker is my mentioned 100 website limit. There’s even a simple website builder packed here that you can use interchangeably with regular hosting.

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🚀 Business Tools and Features – WordPress vs Wix!

Wix has nearly every tool built-in or available in its app store to run any web project. There’s marketing, email, e-commerce, analytical, and all kinds of small things you might need. Conversely, it’s nowhere near the match of thousands of plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem. With more and more added daily, you can have any feature you might want…

But, as with most things with WordPress, many safety things fall on you… some plugins can be outdated, have security issues, or cause misconfiguration with others you have. Even with all the WordPress security checks, there’s still a risk. That’s another reason I recommend Hostinger – it has security scans and plugin controls in its Dashboard. With them, you can easily deactivate bad plugins and get information on the issue to understand better what happened.

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0:22 What is WordPress, and what is Wix?
1:04 Wix vs Hostinger?
1:38 WordPress vs Wix – Templates
3:10 WordPress vs Wix – Editing your Website
4:36 Wix vs WordPress – Management and extra apps
6:24 Wix vs WordPress – Plans and pricing
7:39 Wix vs WordPress – Performance
8:14 Wix vs WordPress – Performance Testing and Results
9:39 Wix vs WordPress Conclusion

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