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You’ve seen Squarespace website commercials right, promising the best website builder for creatives. Let’s check those claims and make a Squarespace tutorial.

But instead of just saying how to build a Squarespace website, how about we go on a journey and actually build one?… Just like the one you’re seeing right now…

Squarespace feature list:

πŸš€ Free domain – with yearly plans you get a free website name for an entire year.
πŸš€ SSL certificate
πŸš€ Unlimited SSD storage – SSD storage improves your website speed, and 50GB is more than enough for any small-medium website.
πŸš€ Unlimited bandwidth
πŸš€ SEO tools
πŸš€ Website analytics

More expensive plans also include:

πŸš€ Professional email – You get an email account with your domain name, like
πŸš€ Custom code integration
πŸš€ Advanced analytics
πŸš€ Integrated e-commerce
πŸš€ Other eCommerce-oriented features

Begin with Squarespace:

🧨 Now before starting this Squarespace website tutorial, we, of course, need to create a free account here, the “trail” will last for around 14 days, and you can’t Publish your creation with it. So you can do that or…. you can just jump straight ahead with a premium plan, by using our best and most up-to-date deals in the description. So if you find that Squarespace is THE website builder for you, don’t forget to use them…

🎯 Squarespace – We Have a Deal ➑️

Extra Squarespace Features

πŸ”₯ Okay, what can you do after all of this? Well, Squarescape is actually really great at giving you lots of useful tools in one place. If we go back to the main menu and then select MARKETING, you can go to Squarespace SEO options. Set how your website will appear in search results, connect to Google to find keywords, or hire a Squarespace expert, which might just be the best choice for business owners. You can also start email marketing campaigns from here, you can even choose from a few templates based on what you want to accomplish. Don’t worry. If you have never run an email marketing campaign before, Squarespace makes it super easy.

πŸ”₯ Another Squarespace advice – you also can add promotional website elements from the MARKETING menu, like pop-ups or announcement banners. Even create marketing promotions for social media like Instagram and Facebook. Basically, if you want to have not only a website but also promote it, Squarespace is the best web builder for that.


So our website is done, it looks pretty sleek, and all it took us was a couple of hours. What Squarespace excels at are beautiful templates and extra marketing tools, so even after your designs are done, you can still improve your business or personal project.


00:00 – Intro
0:24 – Getting Started With Squarespace
1:44 – Setting up Global Style Settings
2:44 – Working with Header and Images
4:25 – Sections and Elements
4:56 – Footer and Page Navigation
6:08 – Squarespace Extras
6:26 – eCommerce Options
7:17 – Conclusion

🎯 Squarespace – We Have a Deal ➑️

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