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Wix is one of my favorite website builders out there, top-three builders easily. And if you look at what different designs you can create with this tool, it becomes clear just how extensive this web builder can really be. And how easy using the Wix website builder really is.

In this Wix Review 2022, we’ll go through the main building process on Wix, so in the end, we should have a published website that looks like this. Oh and with Wix, you can publish your site on a subdomain, so everyone can visit your newly created masterpiece. So let’s answer a question – is Wix good?

Wix Editor vs Wix ADI

🚧 At this stage of the Wix website tutorial, you can choose between building a website with Wix Editor or the Wix ADI Automated tool. What’s the main difference, well, ADI is created for complete beginners, it’s an easy to manage tool that allows you to have a finished website in a couple of minutes. Wix Editor is everything that Wix has to offer in one place, lots of tools, design freedom, and even code editing. So it’s for people that want to create something truly unique.

🚧 Depending on your experience with website builders, WIX ADI might look a bit restrictive to you. But it is that way for the user’s sake. Without millions of different choices, you don’t overthink every little small decision, and when you don’t need to use 100 different tools, you really can’t mess your design up.

🚧 Now, if we want something more immersive, Select Wix Editor. This tool is for when you want to test the extent of how customizable Wix’s overall system really is. Let’s start by picking WHAT your website will be about, which means template, there are a lot of modern, sleek-looking themes that Wix offers. When you find the ONE, click “Edit”.

Wix Website Builder Pros:

👌 Great modern templates
👌 Terrific versatility
👌 Strong business features
👌 A great app store

Wix Website Builder Areas of improvement:

🏔️ Some editor options can be intimidating at first
🏔️ Third-party plugins may cost extra

Performance results for Wix Website Builder:

🏎️ After running GTmetrix tests, Wix loaded my website in about 6 seconds, so it’s not ideal, but it is lower than the average site loading of around 8 seconds. HOWEVER, and this is a big plus to WIX, my site seemed to load in a few seconds on most real-life scenarios. That was because It takes just around 2 seconds for my site to load most of its content and be interactive to the user. So for the end-user, they won’t really notice those 4 seconds loading in when someone visits your Wix website they won’t notice the longer loading times.

Is Wix Website Builder Really That Good?

🎯 Wix is the most popular website builder in the world – and there are reasons for that. It’s incredibly versatile, and even though I made numerous websites with it, I’m sure that I haven’t even discovered all that it can do.

🎯 Just to reiterate this Wix review – ADI is for when you want a website fast and don’t want to deal with coding or too much choice. Wix Editor is when you WANT to mess with code and craft something a bit more special. So no matter your website building skill level, you will be able to craft a website from scratch.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:29 WIX website building options
1:36 How to create a website with WIX ADI
4:14 How to create a website with WIX EDITOR
6:40 Wix Performance
7:38 Pricing

🧨 Best Wix alternatives – Our best website builder recommendations 🧨
✅ #1 Zyro – 71% OFF➔
✅ #2 Site123 – Best Deal ➔

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